Spain Hunting

Hi, this is Quentin Smith, Owner & Outfitter of QRS Outdoor Specialties. Over the past 20 years I have been blessed to hunt around the world at many different destinations. From Russia to Turkey, Argentina to New Zealand, to many of the Canadian Providences and Mexico, I have enjoyed many different hunts and had the opportunity to work with many Partners from around the country booking hunts for their operations. Not only has those opportunities taken place in other countries, but here in the states as well!

Over the course of the last several years, I met a gentleman who was a guide for Salvia Monforte’s Operation in Spain. With many interested hunters in 2018 and with extensive research, I set out to book a hunt with Salvia’s operation where I was approached to be one of his Unites States Representatives to book and assist clients from the United States. To date, we have had multiple hunter’s book and enjoy this operation with great success.

Salvia Monforte runs large hunting expeditions for Spain’s most popular species the Ibex. With more than 200 ibex permits each season and hunting 100% wild animals, clients have enjoyed the opportunities to hunt either the Spanish Grand Slam which includes four different species of Ibex known as the Beceite Ibex , Gredos Ibex, Southeastern Ibex, and Ronda Ibex. With other species available as well from Wild Boar, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Chamois and much more, SMC Spain Hunting Ibex is surly a true top-quality operation and destination you don’t want to miss.

With breathtaking mountain and small villages combined with rich history, bull fights, large cathedrals and museums, you definitely will want to take a couple extra days to tour this beautiful country.

Let QRS Outdoor Specialties assist you in booking your next International Adventure with Spain’s Premier Mountain Outfitter, Salvia Monforte and SMC Spain Hunting Ibex.

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