Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting

Hi, this is Quentin Smith, Owner & Outfitter of QRS Outdoor Specialties. Over the past 20 years I have been blessed to hunt around the world at many different destinations. From Russia to Turkey, Argentina to New Zealand, to many of the Canadian Providences and Mexico, I have enjoyed many different hunts and had the opportunity to work with many Partners from around the country booking hunts for their operations. Not only has those opportunities taken place in other countries, but here in the states as well!

While on a hunt in North Central Kansas in 2012, I had the distinct opportunity to meet whom now has become one of my very best friends. AJ Wilson, Farmer, Rancher, and avid Whitetail Hunter; invited me on a hunt which sparked a relationship between the two of us that has now grown in to offering Quality Trophy Class Whitetail hunts in Kansas.

In every changing world of Agriculture commodities, prices, and never a shortage of expenses, the two of us set down with a plan of trying to build a program that would bring some ancillary income to the agricultural operation.

With more than 8,000 private land acres nestled in some of Kansas’s most prime whitetail habitat, we built a program designed to harvest monster trophy class whitetail that sure will not disappoint.

Since starting that program in 2014 we have taken limited clients on this quality hunt with supreme results taking bucks ranging from 150 to 180 class bucks and better making this a hunt you sure don’t want to miss out on.

Let QRS Outdoor Specialties assist you in booking a Quality Trophy Class Whitetail hunt in Kansas.

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