British Columbia Black Bear Hunting

Hi, this is Quentin Smith, Owner & Outfitter of QRS Outdoor Specialties. Over the past 20 years I have been blessed to hunt around the world at many different destinations. From Russia to Turkey, Argentina to New Zealand, to many of the Canadian Providences and Mexico, I have enjoyed many different hunts and had the opportunity to work with many Partners from around the country booking hunts for their operations. Not only has those opportunities taken place in other countries, but here in the states as well!

With a huge love for hunting bear in the springtime, I have traveled the country side looking for large black bear through many states and countries and none of them have provide a thrill like that of hunting black bear spot and stalk in what has to be one of the most Beautiful Countries there is, British Columbia!

British Columbia Guide and Outfitters, owned by Mark Werner, has become very close friends to QRS Outdoor Specialties and for six years or so QRS Outdoors has been taking clients on hunts with Mark and his operation. These five to six-day hunts include lodging and meals, fully guided with top quality professional guides, teamed up in an area with a huge population of black bears, has been the perfect fit for many of our clients and close friends.

Not only does he offer supreme Black Bear hunts, but great Shiras and Canadian Moose, Cougar, Lynx, Wolf, and Mountain Goat hunts.

Join QRS Outdoor Specialties in one of our camps this coming spring for Black Bear or ask about any of these other hunts. We look forward to assisting you!

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