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Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mountain Elk

The wapiti, or elk, is the largest of Colorado’s native deer (seven to nine feet long, with a four to six inch tail, and weighing 450 – 900 pounds). Commonly called "elk" in this country, wapiti is a preferred name because elsewhere in the world…

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Mule Deer

There are two species of Deer in Colorado and Wyoming; mule deer (Mulies) - with their rope-like tails, evenly forked antlers and extravagant ears. White-tails - with smaller ears, antlers with a single main beam bearing smaller tines, and , of course, broad white tails.…

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Pronghorn Antelope

The pronghorn is a unique North American native. It is a mistake to call them "antelope," as the pronghorn's resemblance to those Old World members of the cow family is rather superficial. No mammal other than the pronghorn has branched horns over a bony core.…

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Shiras Moose

Moose have wandered into Colorado occasionally, but there was no breeding population until animals were introduced to North Park from Utah and Wyoming in 1978 and 1979. Populations have expanded to nearby counties (and Rocky…

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Split Rock Ranch


Split Rock Ranch Lodge - Wyoming

With approximately 200,000 total acres, including 12 miles of private water on the Sweetwater River, the Split Rock Ranch is located in south-central Wyoming on the historic Oregon, California & Mormon Trails between Casper and Lander. Approximately 36 miles north to south and 13 miles wide, this incredible ranch has…

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Rocky Mountain Ranch


Rocky Mountain Ranch Lodge - Colorado

Approximately 10,000 total acres, the Rocky Mountain ranch is located in beautiful north central Colorado.  Just miles from Walden, Gould and Rand, the Rocky Mountain Ranch finds itself nestled in what locals call North Park.  This majestic park offers a spectacular mountain setting with terrain…

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